For a thinking on global minimum wage and consumption patterns

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According a NASA study in 2014, "the unsustainable resource exploitation and the increasingly unequal wealth distribution" could cause the collapse of our industrial civilization in a few decades and at Davos summit meetings in 2018, the “global fracture” and rising inequality were adressed themes by  both heads of state and the heads of the world’s largest corporations for the second consecutive year

A global minimum wage to reduce economic disorders 

We propose a reflection on a reasonable and economically feasible progressive minimum wage for workers producing goods and services intended for exportation to the USA and EU, grouping countries by economic affinities while respecting certain economic balances. A pay increase and more qualitative than quantitative production to consume "less but better", could slow down the destruction of the environment. Likewise, the way out of poverty, the education of children and the emancipation of women would reduce the birth rate. Dywrpxxfat1y3z thgo dl72ejkfbmt4t8yenimkbvvk0ktmf0xjctabnaljim9After the failure of the COP, the "International Convention for a Global Minimum Wage" project is a new opportunity to reduce environment damage and prestigious universities could contribute to our reflection and preparatory work. Heads of state and public opinion could appreciate the usefulness of this major human project.

To sign our letter "for a thinking on the global minimum wage and our consumption patterns", simply fill out the form and send it.

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